Singapore Singapore publishes regulations on GHG management in premises including factories

Mandating annual reporting and appointment of manager

Singapore publishes regulations on GHG management in premises including factories

On December 22, 2017, Energy Conservation (Greenhouse Gas Measurement and Reporting) Regulations 2017 (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) were published in Singapore. The Regulations came into operation on January 1, 2018. As one of the implementing regulations of the Energy Conservation Act, the Regulations establish obligations for business activity or premises, including monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and appointment of GHG managers.

The original text of the Regulations can be downloaded from the following URL.


Covered businesses

Companies subject to GHG reporting obligations are those that emit 25,000 tons of GHG (carbon dioxide equivalent) per year (calendar year) at a single site. However, nitrogen trifluoride and carbon dioxide emitted from biomass and fuel derived from biomass are excluded from the calculation of the prescribed thresholds above.


GHG monitoring plans

Companies shall prepare a separate monitoring plan for each of their reportable businesses. The monitoring plan shall be in the specified format and shall cover the following items. Companies shall prepare the monitoring plan for each of their covered businesses and submit them to the Director-General of Environmental Protection of National Environment Agency (NEA) for approval.

  • All processes and activities that result in GHG emissions
  • Primary/alternative methods, steps, and procedures for computing GHG emissions
  • A quality management framework to ensure the integrity of the process and the computation of GHG emissions
  • Relevant documents to substantiate each of above items


GHG emission report

As well as the GHG monitoring plans described above, registered companies shall submit all “enhanced emission reports” and relevant documents to the Director-General of Environmental Protection for approval. The contents to be reported are as follows.

  • All activity data for the reportable business
  • Computation of direct emission from the reportable business based on the approved monitoring plan
  • Whether the method, step, or procedure for the computation is primary or alternative
  • Total direct GHG emissions from the reportable business
  • Any other requirements specified by the Director-General of Environmental Protection
  • Relevant documents for each of the above items


As for the submission period, the report for the previous year is to be submitted by June 30 of the following year.


GHG manager

Companies shall appoint at least one GHG manager for each of their sites. Note that GHG manager to be appointed must meet one of several requirements, such as Singapore Certified Energy Manager (SCEM) certified by the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (IES).

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