Malaysia Malaysia Provides Checklist for Imports & Exports of Environmental Hazardous Substances

Malaysia Provides Checklist for Imports & Exports of Environmental Hazardous Substances

After checking the FAQs of the Malaysian Registration System “MyEHS” in November 2023, a checklist for imports and exports of environmental hazardous substances under Customs (Prohibition of Imports) Order 2023 and Customs (Prohibition of Exports) Order 2023 was found to be published. According to these orders, imports and exports of certain chemicals must be registered with the Department of Environment (DOE) in advance. This checklist summarizes the information required for the registration, of which MyEHS is also encouraging for it to be followed accordingly.


Below shows the checklist items.


Part A: Company Information

  • An application letter with information below:
    Company name and profile, type of application (import/export), responsible contact person (name, designation, contact number and email)
  • Importation/Exportation details in Part B
  • A copy of company profile
  • A copy of latest business license from local authorities
  • A copy of latest Business Registration Certificate from the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
  • Chemical analysis reports of the chemical (if applicable)
  • Process flowchart indicating the usage of chemical (if applicable)
  • A copy of latest approval letter from DOE
  • A copy of latest prescribed premises licenses from DOE (if applicable)


Part B: Information of the Chemical Industry

  • Chemical name and trade name
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • HS Code and CAS number
  • Import/Export quantity
  • Name, address, telephone and email of the importer/exporter
  • Purpose of importation/exportation
  • Use or uses of the chemical
  • Point of exit/entry in Malaysia (Port)
  • Production capacity (tonne/month) (or any other applicable unit)
  • A proforma invoice/invoice


The above necessary information must be submitted to the officials. Registration must be done via email, postage and through MyEHS



This checklist is available for download from below (Malay & English ver.).


For reference, the two orders regarding imports and exports by the customs can be downloaded from below.

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