Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia issues Technical Regulation for Glue and Adhesive materials

Saudi Arabia issues Technical Regulation for Glue and Adhesive materials

On December 17th 2021 Saudi Arabia Standardizations Organization (SASO) issued a new regulation that specifies the different requirements and conformity procedures Glue and Adhesive materials must fulfill before reaching the Saudi market. This regulation applies to tapes and other adhesive material in liquid, powder, or paste form but does not include materials used in construction, medical and food industry.

The regulation requires manufacturers to design and manufacture products that do not pose any risks to health and safety as well as to the environment. In case the product includes Toluene, the amount should not exceed 0.1% of the total weight of the product.

The product must also include information which proves its safety such as specifying the substances used, possible risks, first aid methods, storage, information about the toxicity of the product, methods of disposing or recycling the containers, etc.

As for the packaging requirement, they are as follows:

    1. The product must be packaged in suitable packages.
    2. The package must be tightly closed and not cause any leakage.
    3. The package must not contain any harmful substances.
    4. The package must have a recycle symbol when using recyclable materials.

Product labels are required to be visible and not removable. They also must be written in Arabic as a main language in addition to other languages. The label must include the following information:

    • Name and type of product
    • Supplier name
    • Name of the manufacturing company or its trademark
    • Country of origin
    • Product classification and purpose of use
    • Ingredients
    • Physical properties
    • Methods of use and storage
    • Possible risks
    • Safety and Warning information.

Suppliers must adhere to the provisions of this technical regulation within 180 days from date of issue in the official gazette. As for suppliers who already have their products on the market, they are given a period of 365 days to rectify the situation.


For more information about the Technical Regulation for Glue and Adhesive materials, click the link below (Arabic only):

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