Myanmar Myanmar releases National Waste Management Strategy and Master Plan

Myanmar releases National Waste Management Strategy and Master Plan

On August 18, 2020, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation of Myanmar announced on the website of the Environmental Conservation Department (ECD) under the ministry that National Waste Management Strategy and Master Plan 2018-2030 compiled mainly by the ECD has been approved by Presidential Notification 21/2020. With increasing economic growth and urbanization, the management of increasing and diversifying waste has become an important issue in Myanmar. According to estimates, 20000 tons of solid waste was generated per day in 2017. This Master Plan has been developed to define future policy direction and action plans.


Six goals

This Master Plan identifies following six goals.

  1. Extend sound waste collection service and eliminating uncontrolled disposal and open burning.
  2. Extend sustainable and environmentally sound management systems for industrial and other hazardous waste.
  3. Reduce waste by promoting 3Rs.
  4. Establish sustainable financing mechanisms.
  5. Promote awareness rising and capacity building.
  6. Enhance compliance, monitoring, and enforcement.


The government intends to promote this Master Plan in order to break away from the conventional waste management systems and achieve more resource-efficient and sustainable society by 2030.


The announcement from the ECD and the Master Plan mentioned above can be viewed at the following URL.

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